Past projects

Heyah (T-Mobile)


Created an email processing solution for Heyah (Era/T-Mobile) e-commerce site, that helped automate the process of answering emails and unloading a spiking email queue.

TP S.A. (Orange)


Created Anna for the Servicedesk department of the largest Polish telecom operator, TP S.A.(Orange), Anna created to assist 40,000 employees connected to the corporate intranet across the country. Anna was tasked with relieving work load for the department and introducing new employees to the corporation.

UPC Polska (Liberty Global)


Offered an email processor to UPC Poland helped automate email responded and customer identification. Complex decision algorithms and natural language understanding allowed for accurate email responses.

Mastercard Polska (Mastercard)


Created an e-learning AI solution using natural language dialogue was created for Mastercard in Poland. It was the first AI of its kind in the world. Bank employees, participating in a challenge, were tested and evaluated through conversations with three virtual assistants.

Ergo Hestia (Grupa Ergo)


Debuted an AI assistant named Virtual Hubert, built for the website of insurance leader Ergo Hestia (Ergo group). Hubert could determine the type of insurance claim, help choose the best offer, and guide clients through the damage reporting process. He was the first bot built with voice synthesis technology.

Builddesk (Rockwool)


BuildDesk (Rockwool group) used our technology to introduce visitors to their sustainable building certification website. The AI, Victoria, helped to simplify the understanding of complicated legal regulations.

Centrum Nauki Kopernik


Developed a dedicated dialogue system resembling the Turing test for the Copernicus Science Center in Warsaw. Visitors to the site chat with each other anonymously with our artificial intelligence sometimes mimicking a person. At the end of each conversation, the participants are supposed to judge who among the talkers was not a human.

PKP Intercity S.A.


For the largest Polish transportation carrier we developed a new website with a virtual assistant as a friendly conductor, who could answer all kinds of questions related to railways. Rafal has attracted attention as a bold project, the first innovation of its kind in public transport in the country.

PKP Intercity S.A.


For PKP Intercity we also created a mobile application with timetables, punctuality of trains and other useful information for travelers. Available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

ABG Ster-Projekt (Asseco)


Offered the first business implementation of virtual assistant technology. Adam (later renamed to Ewa), brought interactive conversation to website users, informed them about company activities, and helped users contact the right people.


Implemented over a dozen entertainment-based dialogue systems via text SMS. The system mimicked human conversation, held small talk, and flirted.

Ergo Hestia (Grupa Ergo)


Built an interactive insurance claim reporting tool. Users could save time by filling out only those information fields that apply to their claim, while all unnecessary fields were automatically hidden by the system.



Created Christopher, a web-based virtual assistant for the car navigation company Imagis. Chris guided users through the site and convinced them to use the maps.



Built Eliza, another AI, for the Tri-City developer Ekolan. Eliza presented the advantages of new housing projects and convinced interested people to consider moving to the apartments. It was the first virtual assistant whose character was animated interactively via video recordings.

NBPortal (NBP)


For the Polish National Bank we implemented a virtual assistant, Beata, to educate young users in the field of economics and currencies.



Build Adam, a virtual assistant, and integrated it into an architectural studio website, helping users navigating through hundreds of housing projects.

Skarbiec Mennicy Polskiej


The first virtual historical figure, King Stanislaw August Poniatowski, was implemented on a website offering mint collector coins and medals. With stylized speech and natural dialogue with users, the King presented offers and provided some light historical information.



Built a virtual assistant, Anne, which worked for two private universities, presenting educational opportunities and helping to select the interesting field of study through natural dialogue with website visitors.

Wirtualna Polska


Created Janek for Wirtualna Polska, a virtual ‘jokester’ character. Janek’s witty behavior were built in addition to the natural dialogue with the user. The campaign starring Janek won the prize in the Webstar Festival 2010.

Powiat Chojnice


A virtual guide named Adam was built for Chojnice County. Adam held natural language dialogue with users at

Pruszcz Gdański


Reconstruction of the Roman period Trading Post and the International Amber Road in Pruszcz Gdanski is a unique tourist and archaeological project in the whole country. Our virtual assistant is available there on the big touch screen, inside one of the buildings. Through dialogue with the trading post’s guests, the assistant talks about the museum and the history of the area.

Maria Skłodowska-Curie


Fido revived the great Polish Nobel Prize winner, Maria Sklodowska-Curie on She can talk her about her life, scientific work and rewards that she received. She is ready for any question. She is also available as a mobile application for iOS.